Damit müssen die verfeindeten Hexenclans das Kriegsbeil erst mal begraben, um sich gegen den gemeinsamen Feind zu verbünden. What a world! „Motherland: Fort Salem“ ist eine spannende Serie über Hexerei, Konformismus und die Angst vorm Kontrollverlust. Título original: Motherland: Fort Salem (TV Series). Motherland: Fort Salem est une série TV de Eliot Laurence avec Taylor Hickson (Raelle), Amalia Holm (Scylla). eine Provision vom Händler, Tally is angry at Abigail for requesting reassignment. She is ambitious, occasionally arrogant, and concerned with reelection more than societal safety. "[40] On Metacritic, it has a weighted average score of 49 out of 100, based on reviews from 7 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews". The album for the first season was released on March 20, 2020. The pilot was also directed by Adelson. With Taylor Hickson, Amalia Holm, Demetria McKinney, Jessica Sutton. Video 1 von 2 zur Serie: Motherland Fort Salem - Teaser Trailer (Deutsch) HD jetzt anschauen! Balloons appear in the air and the wedding goes on lockdown. Motherland: Fort Salem. Sinopsis: Tres jóvenes brujas son entrenadas en la magia para luchar. The series stars Taylor Hickson as Raelle Collar, Jessica Sutton as Tally Craven, and Ashley Nicole Williams as Abigail Bellweather, three witches enlisted in the U.S. Army. Fangen wir mit Raelle und Abigail an. Find a girl, get married, everything nice and good. Motherland: Fort Salem is an American supernatural drama television series created by Eliot Laurence that premiered on Freeform on March 18, 2020. I’m excited to see what they do in season 2, but as I’ve been burned so many times before I really hope the writers continue their good track record and do right by these characters. The show is about a trio of witches who are trained to become powerful weapons for the American military. Abigail checks on Charvel, but discovers her dead in the bathroom. Abigail later apologizes to Raelle. Womöglich wird Willa Realle über die dunkle Seite der Armee aufklären, zumal Realle noch in Scylla verliebt ist und damit ihre Augen nicht völlig vor der Perspektive der Plage verschließen kann. They train in combat magic and use their vocal cords to enact "seeds" or "seed sounds", layering vocal sounds to create powerful spells. [23] On March 5, 2019, it was announced that Freeform had given the production a straight-to-series order for a first season consisting of ten episodes. Une série qui a une vraie identité et des actrices toutes excellentes. This is when I go to grind our great nation's enemies into dust. Por SteelPanther, 6 Diciembre en Cine y Televisión. Set in an alternate, present-day America, Motherland: Fort Salem tells the story of witches who ended their persecution more than 300 years ago by cutting a … Scylla tells her she and Porter's families were dodgers, which got her parents killed, and was the reason she enlisted. Raelle is assigned to the same unit as Tally and Abigail, but clashes with the latter. „Harry Potter“ erzählte aus einem Zauberinternat, „Motherland“ spielt in einer Militärakademie, … [4] On March 28, 2019, it was announced that Ashley Nicole Williams had replaced Kelcey Mawema. Dort feierte die Serie bereits im März 2020 Premiere. When she comes to Fort Salem… Petra and Alder consider the possibility of Porter's death not being a suicide. Wo läuft „Dinner for One“ im Stream? Zunächst einmal wollten wir klären, welche Stars dabei sind: – Achtung, ab hier folgen Spoiler zum Finale der ersten Staffel –. Publicaciones recomendadas. [41], 2020 American supernatural drama television series, "Freeform Renews 'Everything's Gonna Be Okay' & 'Motherland: Fort Salem' As 'Grown-ish', 'Good Trouble' & 'Cruel Summer' Move To 2021", "Meet the "Motherland: Fort Salem" Cast — Here's Who Plays Raelle, Abigail, Tally, Scylla, and More", "Taylor Hickson & Amalia Holm play Raelle Collar & Scylla Ramshorn. Each week, our incredible team of AfterBuzz TV hosts is here to recap all of the magic, with expert commentary, cultural insights, and even … The comments in themselves were typical show-runner comments, however, when dealing with LGBT characters you really need to be careful about what you say about LGBT relationships. „Motherland: Fort Salem“ kann seit dem 20. 7 von 10 The website's critical consensus states, "Despite a fine cast and impressive set up, Motherland: Fort Salem's ambitious ideas are overwhelmed by the sheer too-muchness of it all. In May 2020, the series was renewed for a second season. Raelle confronts Petra about her mother's death, but Petra compliments her mother. Kommen wir nun zur größten Überraschung. [9] On May 19, 2020, Lyne Renée was promoted as a series regular for the second season. NÄCHSTES. Motherland: Fort Salem airs on Wednesday nights on Freeform. Motherland: Fort Salem es una serie juvenil que recuerda a Jóvenes y Brujas (1996), Embrujadas (1998), Crónicas Vampíricas (2009) e incluso El círculo secreto (2011). Edit (4/12/2020): A missing word has been placed back into the section of the text that deals with Episode 3. After demonstrating well in practice, several units, including Abigail's, go to the Pageant in Salem Town and enjoy unsupervised time off base. In training, Abigail runs into Libba, a family rival. Ashley Nicole Williams as Abigail Bellweather, Emilie Leclerc as Izadora, a scientist, Necro teacher, and officer at Fort Salem, Tony Giroux as Adil, a member of the mysterious tribe of witches known as the Tarim, who brings his sister Khalida to Fort Salem for treatment when she becomes mortally ill from an infection, Kylee Brown as Khalida, a member of the mysterious Tarim tribe and Adil's younger sister who is brought to Fort Salem for treatment of an unknown infection that threatens her life, Diana Pavlovska as Willa Collar, Raelle's mother who was killed in combat before Raelle enlisted, Naiah Cummins as Bridey, a tough soldier that Petra Bellweather assigns as Abigail's bodyguard after a bloody attack on the Bellweathers, This page was last edited on 6 December 2020, at 18:37. Freeform Renews Everything's Gonna Be Okay and Motherland: Fort Salem for Season 2 Check out the rest of their 2020-2021 slate! Publicado 6 Diciembre. Amazon Prime bietet pünktlich zum Jahreswechsel viele neue Filme und Serien. Diese Highlights solltet ihr nicht verpassen. 1 Season 10 Episodes. TEILEN. Der Streamingdienst mistet aus und einige Highlights fallen dem zum Opfer. Scylla and Raelle explore the museum before Porter shows up. 22.12.2020 17:00 - Tagesschau Tagesschau; 22.12.2020 17:36 Uhr - … Motherland: Fort Salem ist eine Serie von Eliot Laurence mit Taylor Hickson (Raelle), Amalia Holm (Scylla). Abigail scolds Raelle for not taking their job seriously. Later, Raelle meets Scylla, another cadet. It aired on May 6, 2020. Season 1 Motherland: Fort Salem Critics Consensus. Darüber hinaus ist mit den Camaria ein uralter Feind der Hexen zurückgekehrt. Abigail asks to be reassigned, but Alder refuses. Teilen; Twittern; per Whatsapp verschicken; per Mail versenden; Deine Datensicherheit bei … The Spree attack a pool, freezing it over and killing everyone. Raelle gets advice from Scylla and the two have sex. Raelle discovers her mother blamed Abigail's mother, Petra, for their situation and confronts Abigail about it. Die Dreharbeiten haben im Oktober 2020 begonnen und sollen im März 2021 beendet werden. Later, Tally reveals she voluntarily served, feeling it was her duty, and Raelle discusses her mother's death. The group learns how to use salva. Motherland: Fort Salem ist eine Serie von Eliot Laurence mit Taylor Hickson (Raelle), Amalia Holm (Scylla). [25] On May 19, 2020, Freeform renewed the series for a second season. DDoS protection Dauer: 00:30 16.11.2020. Motherland: Fort Salem presents an entirely new world where witches not only exist but have made up the bulk of the U.S. military force for over 300 years. Meanwhile, a young man named Adil from the Tarim tribe goes to Fort Salem to get help for his sister, Khalidia, and clashes with Alder over their use of seed sounds. She, along with two other girls, Abigail and Tally, is conscripted to serve in the army. Staffel von Motherland: Fort Salem für Dich zusammen. "Motherland: Fort Salem": Trailer zur Hexen-Serie bei Amazon Prime spot-on-News. The tipping point is coming. ET on Freeform. Raelle is a young witch who can heal by transferring injuries to herself. Nachdem Raelle verletzt wurde, weigert sich Abigail, sie zurückzulassen. Afterwards, Anacostia overhears people talking about how Alder is handling the Spree situation before scolding Scylla for attending uninvited. Scylla meets up with Raelle, they walk into the woods, talk about death, before kissing. Motherland: Fort Salem is an American supernatural drama television series created by Eliot Laurence that premiered on Freeform on March 18, 2020. Raelle confronts Anacostia about looking for Scylla whilst Tally confronts Abigail about being 'okay'. Alder falls ill and starts de-aging. Alguien ve Motherland: fort Salem? Motherland: Fort Salem (Serie de TV) es una serie de televisión dirigida por Eliot Laurence (Creador), Steven A. Adelson, Haifaa Al-Mansour ... con Taylor Hickson, Amalia Holm Bjelke, Lyne Renee, Jessica Sutton, Ashley Nicole Williams .... Año: 2020. Lässt sich "Dinner for One" im Stream finden? Cent OS 8. At a pizza place, the Spree attack, but Tally also attacks a man who berates her. Motherland: Fort Salem: In einer alternativen Version der USA haben die Hexen vor 300 Jahren eine Vereinbarung mit der amerikanischen Regierung getroffen. In May 2020, the series was renewed for a second season.[3]. Witches have never been hotter, and now, we’re covering TV’s best new witch Show, Motherland: Fort Salem. [4] The world finds itself at odds with a terrorist organization known as the Spree, a group against the military conscription of witches. Abigail helps Charvel change and they discuss War College. Welche das in absehbarer Zeit sind, verraten wir euch hier. [37] Filming for the second season began on October 9, 2020, and is scheduled to end on March 29, 2021. Alguien ve Motherland: fort Salem? After, Raelle receives a sign from Scylla that she may be alive. Motherland se centra en tres jóvenes brujas desde que son entrenadas en magia para luchar. Noch ist sehr wenig zur zweiten Staffel bekannt. Motherland: Fort Salem: Season 1 69% Critics Consensus: Despite a fine cast and impressive set up, Motherland: Fort Salem 's ambitious ideas are overwhelmed by the sheer too-muchness of it all. The unit reunites as Raelle realizes that Scylla is missing. The Necros are tasked with speaking with Porter and finding out how he died. During training, the unit discusses their grief, with Raelle running back to their room. Alder and Anacostia talk about the presidents visit and Alder expresses interest in the Bellweather unit. Set in an alternate, present-day America, Motherland: Fort Salem tells the story of witches who ended their persecution more than 300 years ago by cutting a … Publicado 6 Diciembre. 2 x AMD EPYC 7282. Tally discovers Gerit's engaged and is heartbroken. Während der Hubschrauber mit ihrer Einheit davonfliegt, wird eine mysteriöse Kraft entfesselt, die sie in Sicherheit bringt. Starring: Taylor Hickson Jessica Sutton Ashley Nicole Williams Amalia Holm Demetria McKinney. After Raelle leaves, it's revealed that Helen was actually Scylla. SteelPanther Zodiark. April 11, 2020 Written by Eric. Wer diesen Trailer kennt, der über YouTube zu finden ist oder den Teaser, den Maik in seinem Beitrag schon gepostet hat, der könnte enttäuscht sein, wenn er die Serie tatsächlich anschaut. The series was created by Eliot Laurence, who was also expected to executive produce alongside Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Kevin Messick, Maria Maggenti, and Steven Adelson. Außerdem sind wir schon gespannt, wann Realle auf ihre Mutter trifft und wie sie auf diese schockierende Nachricht reagiert. [30] Kelcey Mawema, one of the leads in the original pilot, was recast. Publicaciones recomendadas. A woman, part of a group called The Spree, attacks a mall, killing thousands of people before burning off her face, revealing someone else. Título original: Motherland: Fort Salem (TV Series). [31] On August 9, 2019 it was announced that Bernadette Beck would be guest starring in the series. Tally notices Gerit at the wedding, but he is engaged, unbeknownst to her. It's later revealed the attack was a prank. It's learned Alder gains her youthfulness through another younger witch who gives their own youth to her. [34] Principal photography for the first season began on April 22, 2019, and ended on August 23, 2019, in Vancouver, British Columbia. motherland: fort salem on freeform – TheFutonCritic.com has motherland: fort salem news, listings, dvds, episode guides and more for motherland: fort salem Motherland: Fort Salem: Episode 2 brought that pressure to the forefront. The necros discover some 'civilians' who were killed at the same time as Charvel were actually Bellweathers. TV14. Following training, Tally and Abigail are unable to find their salva or Raelle, who has taken it to try and find Scylla. "Motherland: Fort Salem": Trailer zur Hexen-Serie bei Amazon Prime. E-MAIL. für mit, „Motherland: Fort Salem“ Staffel 2: Starttermin, Besetzung und alle Infos, Neu auf Amazon Prime im Januar: Alle Serien und Filme in der Übersicht, Die besten Serien auf Amazon Prime (2020/21): Liste aktueller Empfehlungen, Letzte Chance bei Amazon Prime: 133 Filme und Serien fliegen noch in diesem Jahr raus.